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We are making it easier for startups and entrepreneurs to learn, execute, and launch products to market faster.

We are breaking through the typical accelerator cycle, removing the hype and noise, and providing more value at a personal level.

Your venture starts here.

frshlabsX is a modular startup stack designed to guide "B2B" and "B2C" SaaS startups at three different stages. We know the challenges to go from nada to funding and have made it easier to provide all the necessary resources to go from the ideation phase all the way to series X funding.

Open Enrollment

1.) Identify the startup stage (program) that best aligns with your current needs and apply.

2.) If your startup meets our criteria we will arrange an interview and pitch for a proper evaluation.

3.) We will only select the top 10 startups at each stage.

4.) Programs last 13 weeks. Programs are scheduled to open on a quarterly basis.

Startup Stages - Our modular startup stack.

If accepted the initial program fee is $5,000 USD (A value package worth over $50,000 in services). You'll be challenged in the "Accelerated Traction" phase of our 13 week program to raise these funds back from your initial customers as your "first investors".

Pre Seed

At this stage you have an idea and you're seeking to find the best resources to define, develop, and execute your plan of action.

Dedicated Team


Startup Development

Accelerated Traction

UI/UX Workflow

MVP Interactive Prototype


Pitch Deck

Investor Network


At this stage you have validated your startup and are seeking funding opportunities to build your MVP, launch, and go to market.



Startup Positioning

MVP Defined UI/UX

MVP Development

Marketing Strategy

Launch Strategy

Defined Pitch Deck

Investor Relations

Series X

At this stage you have launched and gained your first round of funding but now need to accelerate growth to increase revenue.

On-Demand Advisory Team


Startup Iteration

UI/UX Feedback Loop

MVP To Final Product

Growth Strategy

Sales Strategy

Operational Ecosystem

Next Round Funding

How to prepare

1.) Apply

2.) Be ready to pitch

3.) Start building your community

Next steps

We will call you directly and interview you one on one to better understand your startup and where you stand. Our extensive filtering process helps us eliminate startups that aren't a suitable fit for our programs.


First, accelerators don't offer the necessary tools or guidance you need since they relay the same information on a repeated cycle, whereas we offer one-on-one help. Second, we provide a dedicated team of consultants, designers, developers, and marketers to help you at every step of the way. Third, we don't take equity from you at the pre-seed stage, which means you'll have a 'clean' cap table from the start.

A successful startup is more about the founder than it is about the idea, so we mostly look for entrepreneurs who are hungry to build a successful company, have a proven track record of working hard to achieve goals, and are coachable. Regarding your idea, as long as it's a tech startup (web or mobile application based) then we can help you.

Pre-seed: Our management & program fee once approved is a $5k investment for $50k+ in services.

Seed: We can work with you in two ways... 1.) We can offer 50% off the standard market rate saving you tens of thousands on consultancy, design, and development for 5% equity in your startup on a vested schedule. 2.) We can execute any service at our standard hourly rates without giving up any equity.

Series-X: We charge a monthly retainer and take 5% equity on a vested schedule.

Investor Network: We collect a 5%-10% success fee for research & development services from each round you raise through our private network.

Since we know our audience we positioned ourselves to work with founders after 4:30pm Eastern time.

No. We only provide the network and connections, we can't guarantee your chances to funding. We can provide intros when there's an alignment. We strongly believe your first customers should be your first investors.

No. We won't sign your NDA based on these 5 reasons.

1.) Ideas aren't worth much without execution, nobody wants just the idea, and an elegant solution to a painful problem is just an opportunity, and opportunities are a dime a dozen. It’s everything that comes after the realization of opportunity that turns it into a viable business; meaningful traction, a great startup team, solid social proof, the list goes on.

2.) We have the right to choose who want to work with and have the flexibility to find the right tech investment opportunities.

3.) No enforcement... Unless your intetntions are to sue your partners and investors in the future you're giving the wrong impression of multiple red flags.

4.) If your idea is so easily stolen that just hearing the concept is enough to allow anyone to replicate it and launch it better than you, then you’ve already lost. Your idea should be easily explained without giving away any proprietary information.

5.) Worry about execution, building traction, and investing your time to make mutual, trustworthy, and beneficial connections.