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We are connecting corporations to the startups and entrepreneurs shaping their industries.

We align with your R&D depeartment to identify internal and external opportunities that benefit corporate innovation.

Corporate Growth.

frshlabs sandbox is designed to push the barriers of corporate innovation. We've made it easier to launch great products at a faster rate that will shift the paradigm in your industry by challenging your organization to think outside the box. We implement processes that harness the power of your own employess and allows for corporations to think like a startup again. We help you attain and maintain the competitive advantage among other corporations in your industry by curating investment opportunities in startups that allow for strategic partnerships.

Investment Opportunities.

By aligning with startups and entreprenuers that are solving problems in your industry you are supporting a collaborative ecosystem. A modern approach to product development. We are connecting the dots to provide a support sytem for all parties involved making it easier to solve, produce, grow, and expand.

Next steps

Have an R&D department and want to know more about corporate innovation? Apply and tell us about your current internal challenges. We will take everything into consideration in order to implement the right strategy and identify opportunities for your organization.

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